Linebaugh’s TEC Opens in June

Rutherford County Library System Director Rita Shacklett told the Murfreesboro Rotary Club on Tuesday (2/27/2018) that the new Technology Engagement Center (TEC) at 306 Minerva Drive would have a soft opening in June with a more formal event to follow.

The almost 6,000 square foot, $2.2-million complex is on the campus of Hobgood Elementary School and will open debt-free. The building and its infrastructure have been covered with donations from the public, Murfreesboro City Council, Rutherford County Commission, and the financial backing of the Christy-Houston Foundation.

The totally digital complex is one of the first public library ventures in the nation.

TEC Branch Librarian Alan Couch noted that both computer formats will be offered.

He said, “We will have Apple computers, but you will be able to switch from Apple to Windows and get the feel of both systems.”

The Technology Engagement Center will have fully equipped meeting rooms for 10 to 15 persons, as well as a larger multi-purpose room for bigger groups.  In addition to digital presentation equipment, the center will have a 3-D printer, numerous computers and offer technology classes.

Shacklett noted that members of the community are encouraged to sponsor Patio Pavers. That is an excellent way to honor your family, children a memorial for a special person or to show that your business supports the community.


The 8 x 16-inch Patio Paver has three lines and is a donation of $350. It will be located on the large patio that will be used for socializing, outdoor classes and general enjoyment of those at the complex.


In addition, the Linebaugh Library Foundation is also talking with individuals and groups who would like to honor a loved one or spotlight their business by naming equipment, a room or the building. For information, contact Mike Pirtle at