Jon Wick of Tempo Software

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Jon Wicks is with Tempo Music Software located in Nashville.

Tempo (formerly Kalatech) was launched in April 2014 with its 3 music business solutions after more than four years of building, refining, and serving music industry professionals.  Their goal has always been to streamline the processes of booking agencies, tour management and crew, as well as music publishers so they can spend more time focusing on what they do best–making great music and sharing it with the world.

To accomplish these objectives, we are partnered with one of the best web and applications development companies in Nashville, DevDigital, granting us access to dedicated programmers focused on the daily maintenance and updates to our systems.  As technology and business practices evolve, our programmers stay on top of the ever changing landscape of the online world, ensuring each of our clients remain more than just relevant players, but ahead of the game.